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Water Damage

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If your electronic device has gotten wet. TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY, PUT IT IN A ZIPLOCK BAG, AND GET IT TO US ASAP!

It happens. You forget you have your phone in your pocket and jump in the river, or the baby grabs it and tries to flush it down the toilet. The fish was huge and still fighting when you tried to grab a pic. Whatever the cause we might be able to help you out.

Our Process:

When the water logged device is brought to us we make sure it is turned off, then explain to you everything that we are going to do.

  1. We take the entire device apart.
  2. After it is disassembled we do a visual inspection and make note of any and all corroded areas.
  3. Then, using a combination of ultra sonic cleaning, spot cleaning and brushing, and more visual inspections we insure all the visible corrosion is removed.
  4. After all visible corrosion is gone we preform another visual inspection using a high powered microscope to check solder joints and we resolder/ reflow components as needed.
  5. After a thorough cleaning and inspection we reassemble the device using all new parts as required and test for functionality.

If after all this the device still doesn’t work then you don’t owe anything.

This year, we have repaired


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