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Touch screen repair

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You’ve cracked your cell phone screen. Whether it slipped out of your hand while you were on a call or you left it on top of your car when you drove away, the glass is smashed.

With almost everyone having a cell phone and using them constantly it’s inevitable that eventually you’re going to drop your phone and break the glass. No matter how careful you are. It’s becoming a part of every day life that someone you know (maybe even you) either has shattered or will shatter their phone screen. So what now? Well, you need to get it fixed. Here at Gadget Guys we use only the highest quality parts, backed by a lifetime limited warranty, to get you back on your feet, usually within 30 mins. Your phone goes through a thorough 32 point inspection and cleaning free of charge to catch any issues that might exist in order to take care of them as quickly as possible before they start causing you problems.

Quality First: If you don’t to do it right, you WILL have to do it over.

It’s better to use high quality parts and take time to do it right the first time if it means not having to use multiple cheaper parts and waste more time fixing it. While we do offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our work we seldom have customers who actually need to use it because we take our time finding trustworthy, high quality parts and making sure they are installed and function correctly before handing them over to the customer. We strive to be competitive in the market but we also take pride in our work. To that end, we use only trustworthy vendors and are more than willing to spend more if it means our customers get the best parts available.


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