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Gadget Guys LLC. is the only shop in the greater Waco area using Original Apple and Samsung parts as the standard when quoting repair prices. We take time looking for the best possible Original replacement parts for phones, tablets and computers. The companies we purchase from have proved they can deliver Original Apple and Samsung Parts. We stand behind their products just as much as they do. It is one of the reasons we offer an industry leading Lifetime warranty on all parts and workmanship.

Our promise to you is great quality parts and service at an affordable price.  We do this by offering transparency, and being up front about how the repair service works. Unique to our offerings is a 32 point device inspection process. This inspection is free of charge and included with any service we provide. From here we consult with you to determine exactly what options are available. We can install budget parts to get you back in the fold quickly at a low cost, or we can use ultra premium parts designed to last for years of trouble free service. The choice is always yours.

If you are not happy with a price listed on our website, you can call us directly. We do our best to remain competitive in the market while using Real Apple parts that are $20-$30 more expensive to procure.  When shopping around ask if their price is for Original Parts. Everything else other than Original parts are either refurbished or clones of substantially less quality.

One thing we will not compromise on is the quality of parts we use to complete your service. If someone is offering you an impossibly low price, ask them where they buy their parts. Chances are it will be from a less trustworthy source.

Be wary of shops promising you OEM and A+ quality parts.

Below is the quality ranking from manufacturers in China.

We use Originals.


  1. Original = Part produced in an Apple or Samsung factory that would be used on a brand new packaged phone.  These parts are the highest quality and require good relationships with factories to procure. These are brand new factory parts.

  2. OEM = Part produced in a different factory but made to Apple specifications. Will not be Real Gorilla Glass! These parts are usually available at most shops for an increased price.

  3. A+ = Complete copy / counterfeit part. Every part of the screen is made in an unauthorized factory. Might be good for a copy part, but its is not up to OEM standards. These parts are what most shops use on daily repairs. They  cost 20 to 30 percent less to procure than an Original quality part.

  4. B Grade = Poor quality copy with defects from dead pixels to bad glue. These screens will break and have problems soon after installation.