Iphone 6 still a costly repair – Get Apple Care ASAP!

If you are one of the lucky people who got an Iphone 6 for Christmas -make sure to get a protective case!!

 Iphone 6 repairs are very costly at this time. Our cost for screen and glass on an Iphone 6 is around $150. Iphone 6+ is over $225.  Adding in labor for a repair puts this service out of reach for most people.

I highly recommend that you purchase the Apple Care+ service contract. It is a one time fee of $99. This extends the warranty to 2 years and covers 2 accidental damage incidents. The deductible for those incidents is $79.

Iphone 6 parts have come down in the last few days but I expect them to remain high for several more months.

Here is a link to the apple care page:http://store.apple.com/us/product/S4575LL/A/applecare-for-iphone

Here are some of my favorite Cell Phone case suppliers (I have some of these in stock):



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